About Hatim Concrete Industries Limited


According to the Bangladesh Brick Manufacturing Owners Association, Around 7,000 soil burning brick kilns produce around 25 billion bricks every year, consuming over 1.27 billion cubic feet of topsoil. For a country like Bangladesh, whose economy depends heavily on agriculture, this is very bad. Every time topsoil is extracted from a cer tain piece often. It goes barren for at least three years, which means nothing can be grown there during that period. As a result we are experiencing various environmental damage.

Now-a-days Eco-friendly bricks in the form of concrete blocks are gaining popularity in Bangladesh as means to mitigate the environment damage caused by conventional brick manufacturing. House Building Research Institute (HBRI), a component of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works has been working for over 40 years to develop a substitute for conventional bricks in the construction industry.

Subsequently we are providing eco friendly Construction Materials which is economical & eco-friendly Construction Materials. Eco-friendly methodology reduced the energy consumption by minimizing energy inputs for some of the factors like heating, cooling & light. Our Construction Materials not only help to create better outdoor environment but also helps to build a healthier & safe indoor environment. We are dedicated and develop environment friendly, cost effective & energy efficient materials for next generation buildings.

Started on 2019 and duly Registered with the Joint Stock Company of Bangladesh.

Hatim Concrete Industries Ltd. (HCIL) is a Manufacturer of Environment Friendly Various kind of Pre-Cast Concrete Products with proper maintain.

We believe standards for our valuable Customers. We have latest technologies and continuing its improvement policy. We have concern about our product quality and service to maintain International standard to our success and our professionalism.


Our mission is to develop environment friendly, cost effective & energy efficient products for coming generation and grab a reputed position in this sector.


Hatim Concrete Industries Ltd. - “A safe hand you can trust in infrastructure sector”.


Our focus presently is to make high class, good quality blocks, solid bricks, kerb-stone, drain curve, erosion control blocks, parking tiles etc. of various sizes as well as cater of custom-size at HATIM Concrete Industries Ltd. we are constantly researching the different needs and requirements of the construction and real estate sector of Bangladesh. In due time, we will be expanding our resources to introduce more products as well as to start exporting building products.
Our present focus is on improvising and promotion of concrete products through the whole country and becoming the largest Concrete products provider of Bangladesh.


We believe in environment friendly solution of infrastructure and doing business in a way that is mutually beneficial for society and ourselves. Our unique charecteristics is to provide not only building products but also create a healthy and safe indoor and outdoor amenities.